Thu Dec 9 2010

Fabricating new brake line bracket

This afternoon, I decided to unpack the desiccant from the engine and dry it out in the oven. The plugs didn't take long to dry out, but the big bags required 12 hours at 275 F.

Next, I cut a piece of 0.063 material to 2 inch wide for fabricating a new brake line bracket. The bend needed a 3/16 radius, and the only thing I could find was my speed handle. I clamped the two up in the vise and whacked it with a mallet.

Ta-da! This needs trimmed and drilled to match the old bracket, but I'll have to wait until after the old bracket is removed.

Since I had the oven on for a while, I decided to mix up a new batch of CS-1900 to test. This got dried for nearly the full 12 hours in the oven, so I'm sure there was no laquer thinner remaining.