Fri Dec 10 2010

Drilling left firewall sub panel

Here are the desiccant packs and plugs after yesterday's bake. The plugs have that nice blue color again.

After packing that stuff back up, I got the left side firewall sub panel stiffeners match drilled to the panel.

The day warmed up to the mid 30s, so I decided to re-do the test of the CS-1900. Here we are at t=0 sec, the start of the test.

At about 5 seconds it started smoking. The smoke got progressively worse until... about 15 seconds, fire broke out.

The fire was really going good between the 20-25 second mark.

But by about 30 seconds, it was almost completely out. From 35 seconds onward, the sealant just sat there and baked with no visible fumes or flame. Well, this wasn't the result I was hoping for. Well regardless, I need to seal the screws around the floor insulation with something. Maybe I'll look for another type of material, or maybe I'll use this, but just use a small dab at each location. Thinking about it now, if the screws and insulation covering were to get this hot, it would mean the lower floor panel was already melted through and fuel-fed flame was already blasting at the insulation, so I suppose I shouldn't worry about 15 or 20 seconds of flame from a few dabs of sealant.