Mon Dec 27 2010

Riveting firewall sub panel brackets

After spending some time in Dayton for the holidays, I was able to get back on the plane. Here's the brass tube microstop in action as I'm countersinking for the CS4-4 blind rivets. All the holes on the center two stiffeners are countersunk to allow room for the heater manifold and the firewall recess. Actually, the firewall recess would probably be fine with raised head rivets, but I figured I'd countersink all of them.

Since the nose on my rivet puller isn't long enough to clear the flanges of the brackets I'm installing, I used the nose of a different pop rivet tool as a spacer.

Here you can see the spacer in action. The rivet above is going to need a different (smaller) spacer, though, since there is a nut plate in the way.

I hacked out a little block of aluminum and cut a slot in it. This worked OK for a couple rivets, but...

...pretty soon the end smooshed out. Gotta come up with something better.

I broke out my jar of miscellaneous hardware...

...and found this little guy. Sweet.

A bit of drilling, trimming, sanding, etc. later and I had a nice little tubular spacer.

While installing my brackets, I noticed that I had previously riveted this bracket on right over a piece of tape. Whups.

This other bowden cable bracket was blocking one of the holes I need to countersink, so I had to drill it off the firewall.

Since I had the door to the garage open, I decided to drill off this brake line bracket as well. You may recall it's going to get replaced with a slightly longer model. It wasn't much fun drilling these parts off the firewall. As you can see from the next picture, the firewall is right up close to the garage door which meant I had to do this drilling in the 25 degree weather we've got in Ohio at this time.

After about four hours, I had all the brackets installed.