Wed Dec 29 2010

Brake line bracket

Well I wasn't happy with the previously started brake line bracket, so I decided to fabricate a new one. This time I made up some extra radius strips for my brake so I could do the bend on the brake rather than whacking the part with a mallet while clamped in the vise. It came out much better. First attempt on left, second on right.

I cut the flanges to the correct length. Note the leg where the fittings attach is 3/4 inch longer to accomodate the firewall sub panel. I didn't get to finish this bracket because my sister-in-law and her family came to visit.

I had gotten a couple of the Van's toolboxes for my nephews to put together. They did good and learned how to use the drill, bandsaw, sander, die grinder, rivet gun, c-frame, and squeezer.

After about 6 hours, we had two completed toolboxes. The boys did almost all the work while I provided guidance. They did great!