Sat Jan 15 2011

Trimming spar covers and brackets

Well, the silicone dried and I trimmed it flush, but wouldn't you know it a bubble formed in the hole. Same thing on the other antenna. I'm going to have to either dig the silicone out and try again or just fill the little bubble. Oh, well.

One of the items on my "to do" list was to trim the outboard spar cover brackets where they rub the gear weldments. I slipped the right gear weldment in place...

...then positioned the bracket. You can see how the bottom edge of the bracket is rubbing this tube of the weldment.

Not anymore! The cutout isn't just a's more elliptical due to the odd angle of the weldment tube.

Here's what the trim profile looks like straight on. Hopefully this photo will make it easier for the next guy to trim his brackets.

I also needed to notch out the spar cover itself. The original notch was only wide enough for the vertical leg of the floor stiffener. Since I put extra angles on the outboard stiffeners, I needed to make this notch wider.

It ended up being 23/32 wide. The inboard edge of the notch wasn't changed...I just widened the outboard side of the notch. Other side was notched out as well.

This cutout in the cover was also rubbing, so instead of two separate radii, I just made it a semi-circle radius. That gained about 1/8 inch of clearance which was just right. Same done on the other side.