Tue Feb 15 2011

Fuel line tubing

After thinking about it some more, I decided it was going to take forever to do this tubing using the trial and error method, so I decided to open up a can of engineering whupass on the project. First thing to do is locate the distance between the Andair fitting and the hole in the bracket in all three axes. I knew the tube Scott and I bent up was a good fit, so I squared it up to the valve by laying this assembly down on the table, then tightened the nut by hand so the tube wouldn't rotate.

Then I clamped the plate to the workbench with some nice square blocks (thanks, dad!) and took measurements down, aft, and sideways. They ended up being 2 7/8, 2 9/16, and 3 inches respectively.

Next, I did a little 3D sketching in SolidWorks along with a sweep of the tube cross section and viola!...a nice detailed drawing of what I need.

This design required a joggle which required a bit of innovation to make the second 45 degree bend, but the wire tie did a pretty good job of holding the tube in position.

Some time later, the completed tube was in position. It looks like I'm going to need to redo the tubing run that goes up to the firewall, and I'm not sure yet if these tubes are going to cause problems for the bypass line, but I suppose I'll find out. In case you want to use this design yourself, you can use these right and left tubing drawings. Hopefully they'll save you some time.

Update 2/23/11: The tubing desing shown in the original drawings wasn't quite right. I've updated them, so the design should get you a very close fit.