Wed Feb 16 2011

Fuel line tubing

Here's the first attempt at plumbing the tee and check valve for the purge valve return line. If you're not already familiar with the Airflow Performance purge valve setup, it's a valve just before the flow divider on the engine that diverts fuel back to one of the tanks. Basically it allows you to get fresh (cold) fuel in the lines all the way up to the engine to prevent vapor-lock problems on hot starts. In my case, I'm going to plumb the fuel lines such that I'll switch to the left tank when purging, and the return fuel will go into the right tank. This means I need a tee in the line between the right tank and the fuel selector valve for the purged fuel to return. I also decided to put in a check valve. That way, if the purge line became broken forward of the firewall, it wouldn't just empty the right tank out, possibly causing a fire, or at the very least a huge mess.

While that nice little 90 degree bend looked good on the bench, it clearly isn't going to fit. :-(

I decideded to try a 270 degree bend to get the check valve closer to the run of the tee. Hrm...I obviously didn't think this through very well...theres' no way to get this thing off the bender.

Take 2: Leaving the loop somewhat wider didn't seem to help either.

Take 4 (didn't get a picture of the 3rd try): Nope this isn't going to work either. I decided to go search the net to see how other folks have done this.