Mon Feb 21 2011

Fuel line tubing

I ordered another special fitting from Jeg's. It's a short little AN6 to AN4 reducer shown at the bottom of this image. It should save me about 2 inches of length compared to the previous arrangement.

With the weldment back in position and the outboard line routed through a grommet in the weldment, I could see that the line is going to be too low to fit through the bracket. Here, the bracket is loose and you can see that it's about 1/2 inch lower (and to the right, but ignore that for now) than the mounting holes.

This little line level shows that the tubing is level, so I am indeed going to need to joggle it up by 1/2 inch.

Since I had this level out, I thought I would check how the pass through in the outboard bracket lines up with the one in the inboard bracket. I just used a short straight section of scrap run through the outboard bracket. It's level and parallel to the spar and you can see it doesn't line up with the inboard bracket. I had known that previously, but what I realized with this setup is that the offset is both horizontal and vertical. I previously thought I only had a horizontal offset.

Sure enough, the pass through in the outer bracket is about 1/4 inch higher than the inboard bracket. Crap.