Tue Feb 22 2011

Fuel line tubing

Well my tubing design is becoming more complex.

There are about three or four iterations between the last picture and this one. What you see here is that the inboard tubing section now lines up well with the outbard bracket. This is actually two pieces of tubing...the joint is hidden behind the flange of the outboard bracket.

After being very, very careful that I didn't forget to put the ferrule and nut on, I flared the outboard end of the the inboard section of tubing. Here's how it'll fit up with the tee. There's a short scrap piece of tubing on the outboard (left in this pic) end of the tee to show that the alignment actually is good with the outboard bracket. However, there really isn't enough room for the check valve. I think I'm going to have to move the check valve elsewhere...maybe just before the firewall passthrough. That'll allow me to center up the tee between the brackets a bit more. Finally feels good to have this one freaking piece of tubing completed. I'm glad I bought the 50 ft. roll. :-/