Wed Feb 23 2011

Fuel line tubing

Knowing that the left side fuel line would need the same joggle between the two brackets, I updated the drawing and fabricated a new line.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, but this line might work on the first try. (well, okay it's not really the first try, but rather the first try with the updated design). I needed to tighten the first bend out of the valve...

...and sure enough, it lines up with the outboard bracket quite well.

Afterward, I decided to trim both left and right lines shorter so the union and tee, respectively, would be better centered between the two brackets. No pics, sorry. Next was to find the new location of the purge line through the inboard bracket on the right side. You may recall this template from before? A few new layout lines and another pilot hole show the proposed location.

Transferred onto the bracket, this is where the hole will be. That looks much better. I'll do some more checking before actually drilling anything, but I think this'll be fine.

Last item for the evening was to create the initial design and make the first attempt at the outboard fuel line for the right hand side. I hope it doesn't take too many tries to get this right. The fuel valve lines were cheap...I could mess up and only waste a foot or so of tubing. These take about four feet of tubing for each attempt.