Fri Mar 4 2011

Fuel line tubing

These entries are actually continued from last night (early AM work). The next fuel line to fabricate is the one going from the output of the fuel pump up to the firewall. After measuring the locations of the fuel pump output, the Adel clamps, and the firewall penetration and creating a drawing, I bent this tube up. The aft end fits well.

...but somehow the forward end is too low. Ah, dangit, I know what I did...I subtracted out the vertical offset at the aft end when I shouldn't have. Easy fix. I also need to increase the length of the horizontal run by 1/8 inch.

A quick modification to the drawing and I had another line fabricated.

This one looks like it'll fit perfect at the forward end. I left it a bit long so I can trim as needed. The aft end fits well, also. Kerin and I are going out to a movie tomorrow night, so I probably won't get any work done until Saturday.