Sun Mar 6 2011

Purge line check valve

OK, not much to mention today...I've just been giving some thought to where to install the check valve for the purge line. I'm bummed that I can't fit it in between the two spar brackets. Anyway, I decided to take a more careful measurement between the tee and the elbow, so I cut off a short piece of very straight tubing. I noticed some gunk inside. Turns out to be metal chips stuck to the inside of the tubing. Blowing air through didn't blow them out, but a piece of paper towel did. I may have to drag a piece of rag through my lines to get this kind of debris out. Although I'll want to be very careful that no rag gets left in the line to cause a restriction later. Don't want one problem to lead to another problem.

Anyway, here's the measurement I was taking...looks like 2 1/32.