Sat Mar 19 2011

Flying with Tom Webster

Tom was nice enough to invite me to fly with him over to Salem airport for lunch today. The weather was perfect...right around 60 degrees, clear, and sunny. I forgot my camera, so didn't really get any pictures, but on the way back, Tom realized he had his point-n-shoot in the plane, so I took this photo of George and his friend, Terry in a two-canard formation. The front is a Cozy-3 and the back one is a LongEz (I think). More pictures of this formation here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Later in the evening, Snickers and I went over to Greg's to help work on his aileron. The riveting was going well, although slowly, until I made a bone-headed mistake with the bucking bar and dented his skin. Arggg! If there's one thing worse than f-ing up something on your own plane, it's f-ing up your buddy's plane. Sorry, Greg. :-( No picture of the dent.