Tue Mar 22 2011

Purge line tubing

This 1/8 inch radius cove router bit had come in a few days ago, so this evening I got back down to the shop to work on the purge line.

Used some scrap oak to make up some little forming and clamp blocks.

Hard to see here, but by using the blocks I was able to make a ~45 degree bend immediately following a 90 degree bend. This resolved the interference between the purge line and the boost pump mounting plate.

Well, the last line was about 3/4 inch too short...this one's about 5/16 too long. Grrr...

While it might look like the 3rd time's the charm, in this case it's actually the 4th. The 3rd line was once again too short (by about 1/16 inch). I probably could have used it anyway, but I decided to just make up another line the correct length. Next: brake lines.