Fri Apr 1 2011

Riveting on John Bowen's RV-9A

This evening, I went up to my friend, John's place to help him rivet his wing skins on his RV-9A. John is making great progress and already has the plane on the gear and the engine mounted.

Nice carbureted setup.

He has the large majority of his wiring done.

Panel is nearly done except for his reserve lift indicator (AoA).

Here's the mounting for his lighting system 6.

I believe this is the manual aileron trim. Mine should be similar, but it uses an electric servo instead of a lever.

The MGL EFIS magnetometer is mounted near the top of the tailcone. Interesting that the AHARS is separate from the magnetometer.

Here's an action shot of us riveting on the wing skins. We managed to get both wings done in about 5 hours. Not bad. John was happy with the results and I enjoyed working with him. He's a great guy. Too bad we don't live closer...we'd probably be over at each other's shop a lot more often.