Sat Apr 9 2011

Anodizing Sportsman 2+2 parts

My friend, Greg, who is building a Sportsman 2+2 got a new job with Embry Riddle and is going to be moving to Florida soon, so he asked me to anodize a few parts for his plane before moving down. We had tried this previously, but my dye tank had gone bad, so I had to order new dye. This is the first attempt. Notice the color difference between the pedal on the left and the scrap piece from my original dye batch. For some reason it looks like the new die is more red in color than burgundy. I'll try adding another bottle of dye to see if it gets the color back to the correct shade. Oh, the pedal on the right had a bad electrical connection, so it didn't get anodized hardly at all.

This was the wire connecting the pedal to my anode bar. You can see that although these wires were twisted together, they didn't make a good connection. Kinda looks like a candy cane. :-)

After a few minutes in the stripper tank, they were ready for another try.

This time, however, I decided to fabricate some clips that would hold the parts more securely. At least some of my scrap tubing is going to good use. ;-)