Sun Apr 10 2011

Anodizing Sportsman 2+2 (and RV) parts

This image is actually carried over from late last night. You can see that the second attempt resulted in essentially the same shade of red (not burgundy) as the first attempt. You might ask yourself why is there only one pedal shown? It's because when I was removing the parts from the sealant tank (last step of the process), one pedal came unclipped and sank to the bottom of the tank. At this time I'm going to just leave it in there since the tank is boiling and I'm not really interested in reaching down into a boiling tank to retrieve it.

OK, here we are on Sunday. You'll be happy to know that the tank cooled down and I was able to retrieve the other pedal. Since the weather was so nice today (low 80's), I decided to spray paint the handles my brother, Chris, had made for my Di-Acro brake. It was missing a handle when I bought it. I had three partially used cans of black spray paint on the shelf, so I thought this should be easy. First can had gone flat. Second can had a messed up nozzle so it just sputtered. Fortunately the third can was the charm and I got these painted.

After finishing the anodizing on Greg's parts (no pics, sorry), I decided to anodize a few of my own parts. Here are the wheel nuts and parking brake handle parts just after the dye tank about to go into the sealer tank.

Unfortunately they came out kind of pink. I can see it wasn't a bad connection because the wires are pink, too. Well it turns out I didn't have enough current on the anode bar when I was anodizing, so I stripped these parts to try again.

Apparently these nuts are either a 2000 or 7000 series aluminum, because they turned black in the stripper tank.

No problem...a few minutes in the deox tank and they were nice and bright again.

It's amazing what the right current setting will do. These came out much better. I still need to do my rudder pedal parts and a few other parts. Maybe I'll do that this week...or maybe I'll get back on the brake lines. Dunno.