Sat Apr 30 2011

Brake lines

Some folks from the chapter came over today to check out the project. Everyone seemed to have fun and it was a nice, social visit.

After folks headed out, I removed the boost pump assembly and wrapped it all in rags and tape to do some trimming on the base plate. My dad had been looking at the website and mentioned he thought the clearance looked close between the purge line and the mounting plate. Although it was somewhat close, there was probably 1/4 inch clearance at the closest spot, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to trim the plate a little to make it better. Besides, the other side definitely needed trimming to allow the brake lines to feed up to the bottom of the parking valve.

A bit of work with the die grinder and files trimmed these two strips off.

Here's how the lines will feed into the bottom of the parking brake valve.

With temporary brake lines formed at the firewall end, I'm able to measure exactly how long the run needs to be.