Mon May 9 2011

Parking brake fittings

Although it's surely not as critical for the brake lines as it is for the fuel lines, I placed a call to Airflow Performance to get their recommendation on what thread sealant to use for the NPT threads. They indicated either Permatex 14 or Loctite 565. Neither was available locally that I could find, so I ordered it on Amazon. Paid almost as much in shipping as for the product itself. Sigh.

Ready to thread these in. It took quite a bit of searching around, looking for how tight these are supposed to go, but I finally found that MIL-P-7105 is the mil spec document that indicates "wrench makeup" is up to 3 turns beyond hand tight. So, I tightened these 2 turns beyond hand tight. As far as I can tell there is no official (government controlled) spec for torque for pipe thread fittings. Airflow performance sent me some torque values, but I just counted turns in this case.

Bottom fittings installed.

Top elbows installed at a 45 degree angle to clear the fuel selector valve. Clearly this isn't going to work. With the fittings positioned thusly, it's not possible to get the second B nut on. Maybe one of the 45 degree elbows will help.