Sat Jun 11 2011

Fuel lines

Well I haven't been making much progress, but tonight I got around to working on the final flaring of the fuel lines. This is kind of a pain since once the flaring is done, these lines are trapped by the brackets they pass through. I almost forgot to put the bracket on before doing this flare, but felt pretty proud of myself for remembering and not screwing this up.

...that is until I realized I hadn't installed the bushing. Arggghhhhh! Time to bend a replacement line. Brain...not...functioning...

After bending up a new line, I had the tee installed and was able to see where to cut the 1/4 inch purge line.

Some time later, it was cut and flared as well.

The line leading to the bottom of the swivel tee runs to the fuel filter. Unfortunately, the one I had previously bent interfered with the line running in from the right tank to the Andair fuel selector valve, so I had to modify the design slightly and fabricate a replacement. Next, it was on to cutting and flaring the lines that lead from the left tank to the fuel selector valve. There will be a union installed between the two brackets.

Well, ya might not think it possible that I could make the same boneheaded mistake of flaring before installing the hardware, but you'd be wrong. I'm fully capable of such a thing and here is the proof. Grrr. Another line in the scrap pile.

Well I bent up a replacement and the dang thing is 1/8 too short. I bent up another one...this time I extended it by 1/8 inch. Guess what? Yes, that's's 1/8 inch too long. All I've gotta say is WTF?!?!

I was able to make it work, however, by tweaking a couple of the bends. So in summary, I worked all day to accomplish a grand total of (drum roll, please) FIVE flares. Sigh. It's looking more and more like it's gonna be a challenge to finish this project before I die of old age.