Mon Jul 25 2011

Oshkosh 2011

Chris and I happened across this vendor showing off their small turbine engine. Appears to be a two stage centrifical compressor with a three stage axial turbine. Supposedly makes 250 lb thrust. Cool.

One of the attractions this year was a tribut to Burt Rutan. That means there were several unique Rutan designs here this year, like the Boomerang.

...and the Catbird.

Here is a shot of the engine compartment of last year's plans-built grand champion.

There were already a lot of RVs in the RV parking area.

After the airshow, REO Speedwagon put on the opening day concert. These military folks watched the show from atop their CH-53 helicopter.

I wonder if the guys in the tower could hear the show?

Beautiful day for a concert.

This old guy apparently had a long day and dozed off at the concert. :-)

Another attraction this year was the 100th anniversary of naval aviation, so they had this P-3 Orion. Actually, the previous image was the nose of a P-3 also.

This F-16 was on display in Aeroshell square ...err...correction... Conoco-Phillips plaza.

A line of Ercoupes.

This one was beautifully polished. The light in this photo really doesn't do it justice.

Down at the ultralight area, there were a couple electric powered airplanes. This fellow built his own motor.

This other guy (orange shirt) had a twin motor powered ultralight.

Nice sunset.