Wed Jul 27 2011

Oshkosh 2011

One of the highlights of the show for me was listening to Bob Hoover speak. His voice was very frail, so he was difficult to hear, but he's a great speaker. I was glad to hear that he did eventually get his flight status back in the US after the FAA made a witch hunt out of him.

Chuck Yeager spoke after Bob Hoover. General Yeager is in far better physical condition than Bob Hoover, but I enjoyed Bob Hoover's talk more.

Upstairs in the museum, the boys went for a ride in the flight simulator. I don't think they spent more than a few seconds upright.

The girls went next. They spent pretty much the whole time upright. ;-)

The pilot and copilot from United flight 1549 were at Eagle Hanger.

Again, these photos should have been interleaved with the previous ones, but here we are in the morning at the entrance to the museum. Tyler took this photo.

The boys really enjoyed flying the flight simulators.