Sat Aug 13 2011

Brake lines

Here I'm trying to figure out how to fit a piece of brake line through the outboard bracket, through the landing gear weldment (and the grommet I'll be using), and down to the 45 degree bulkhead fitting.

I thought about trying to make one of the bends in-situ, so I made up another custom bending block.

Hrm...I suppose it's not completely awful for a first attempt.

..but for the bending block to fit in the right spot, it needs to go through the hole in the weldment, so I chamfered the corners to allow it to fit. Unfortunately, that didnt' work. I ended up unbolting the weldment in order to fit in a piece that was alredy bent up. Took quite a number of tries, but here's the brake line for the right side.

After a few more attempts, here's the right outboard brake line temporarily installed.

This is the transition through the weldment down to the 45 degree bulkhead fitting. I'm rather pleased that I was able to use a grommet for support of the line as it passes through the weldment.