Tue Aug 16 2011

Re-fitting sub floor panels

Since the tubing is done, I decided to get back to the last bits of fitting the sub floor panels. When I tried putting the right one in, I could see that the vent line was going to interfere with it's placement. I knew this was going to be a problem, but decided not to worry about it until I needed to. Well, that time is now, apparently.

After removing the bulkhead fitting in the bottom forward floor skin and flexing the vent line enough for the floor panel to lay flat, I got under the plane and used a sharpie to mark through the bottom skin vent fitting hole, making a dot on the bottom of the sub floor panel.

Since this panel was positioned, I decided to mark the locations where I'll be screwing it down to the center tunnel covers.

The left side floor panel has a worse problem than the right side.

You can see it hangs up on the brake line fittings. Hrm...