Sun Sep 25 2011

Sub floor panels

Today I started by finishing drilling this little filler piece on the right forward corner of the sub floor to the firewall panel. I actually match drilled this last night, but didn't have it all aligned correctly and had to remake the filler piece. Took me three tries to get it right, but it looks good now.

In preparation for drilling the sub floor panels to the center covers, I temporarily installed them with a few screws.

The screws attaching the sub floors to the center tunnel covers are spaced quite widely. I can install more screws later if necessary, but we'll start with this.

Afterward, I removed the center tunnel covers and drilled rivet holes for nutplates.

Somehow, I ended up with a "bonus" hole at this location. Arg!

This fuel pump mount cover got similar treatment. It's thicker material, so I countersunk the rivet holes rather than dimpling them.

Nutplates installed. too.

I had meant to reinstall the rivets for these bowden cable brackets a while ago, so I went ahead and did that.

Here's a minor issue. The length of the brake line run from the bracket to the first support bar under the center cover is about 18 inches long. I think these lines need to be supported better.

After thinking about it for a bit, I fabricated this bracket from an old Z bracket. Ignore the nutplates for now...I installed them before realizing I need to prime this thing.

Here's the bracket held in place temporarily with a piece of tape. I'll use a single screw to hold the bracket to the large triangular gusset.

The problem is that the bracket is biased forward and down against the two stiffeners shown in the previous photo, so I need to drill in a rather precise location relative to the stiffeners, but there is no access for drilling with the brake lines installed. So I decided to make a little drilling jig from some pieces of scrap.

The two sides of the drilling jig are separated by a scrap of 3/16 thick material so that it slides over the angle thusly. Once clamped in place, I just drilled through the pilot hole.

After the heavy angle was drilled, I removed the drilling jig, clamped on the bracket, and match drilled it.

Here's how the bracket will work. I may need to trim a bit of rubber off these adel clamps where they are touching so the brake lines are spaced correctly. Just need to prime this guy and reinstall the nutplates and she'll be good to go.