Mon Sep 26 2011

Elevator pushrod boot

First task this evening was to update my task list on the white board.

I decided a good miscellaneous task would be to finish fitting the little cover plates to fill in the snap bushing holes I drilled in the wrong spot on the baggage bulkhead eons ago. Surprisingly, it didn't take me more than a few minutes to find these.

They needed shortened.

Here's the right side one drilled. Just need to epoxy and rivet these in place, then sand smooth.

Next task was to figure out how to make a boot for the elevator pushrod. The first and most obvious place to fit the boot is on the F-706 bulkhead (baggage bulkhead), but it's awfully busy here.

The next bulkhead forward, however looks like it has a little room.

I made this little flange to which the boot will be glued. It has a 1 1/4 inch wide hole x 1 1/2 high to match the hole in the F-705 bulkhead. It's .063 thick material.

Here's the F-705 bulkhead match drilled to the boot flange. Unfortunately, the hole on the right side of this image got elongated even though I used a drilling template to try to accurately position the hole. Grrrr.

Here's a view from the rear. Should work well. If I had it to do over again, I would make this little flange wider near the bottom so that the screw holes wouldn't be so close to the rectangular hole. Just need to prime this flange, sew up a boot, and glue them together to be ready to install this guy.

BTW, pay no attention to that smooshed rivet...some of those were a real bear to install.