Sun Oct 2 2011

Baggage floor toolbox

Today before heading out to drop Chris at the airport, we worked on the baggage floor toolbox some more. I laid out and bent up the bottom and sides of the box.

Chris helped make this bending block to bend the flanges on the end pieces. Notice the edges of this block were radiused for a nice 1/8 inch bend radius and the edge faces were sanded at a 12 degree angle to compensate for the springback of the material.

After doing one of four bends in the brake, we bent the other two by clamping the part to the bend block and bending the flanges over with a mallet.

They fit great! Thanks for all the help, Chris~

After getting back from dropping Chris off at the airport, I cut out a section of the floor panel where the lid will go.

The lid fits nicely with about 1/32 inch gap all around. Maybe a little less.

I found a piece of left over piano hinge, cut it to length, and drilled the flanges.

Some more drilling later and this box is nearly ready to mount. I need to modify the opening in the floor panel to clear the hinge eyes, do some countersinking and dimpling, and prime the parts.