Sun Oct 9 2011

Interior paint color and priming toolbox

I need to select a color for the interior so I can start painting some of the exposed parts, but am unsure of what to use. I know I want something dark and preferably non-reflective to cut down on reflections on the inside of the canopy. So, I went out and bought five cans of black-ish paint. Actually, I already had the one on the left.

I cut out some aluminum squares and primed them with black primer. Looks kind of grey here, but it's black.

The first one is too shiny.

This one, called Oiled Bronze Metallic has a little bit of gold fleck in it. Looks really nice and isn't very glossy, but I'm unsure about the gold. I'm not really planning on having any gold anywhere on the airplane.

This one looks pretty good, but took two coats to look good.

This picture didn't come out well, but it's semi-gloss black. It seems glossier than the satin black, above.

Flat black is by far the least shiny, but also not very pretty.

Next, I decided to try to catch the reflection of the sun in the surface. Here's gloss black.

Next, Oiled Bronze Metallic.

Satin Black.

Semi-gloss black.

Flat black. I think this is the winner for the glare shield. Everything else is probably going to get satin black or the oiled bronze metallic. What would be ideal is if I could find something just like the oiled bronze metallic, but with some silver fleck in it rather than gold. That would tie in the external color scheme nicely. Maybe I'll look at other paint vendors.

After that, I finished up the prep work on the toolbox and primed those parts along with some miscellaneous other floor parts and the steps.