Mon Oct 10 2011

Prepping for step installation

Today, I got some things ready for my friend, John Bowen, to come over tomorrow and help me install the steps. After cleaning the chips and tape out from the outboard bays of the baggage floor, I installed the UHMW blocks.

Then temporarily clecoed the steps in place and masked around them. I'll be using proseal to seal between the step plate and the skin, so the masking tape should keep the mess down.

It also worked well to allow me to scuff up the skin where the step plate is mounting.

Since I'm going to have proseal mixed up, I decided to run a bead along the joint between the bottom skin and the side skins. I want this to be a thin bead, so I masked along either side.

You can see it better here. This should be sufficient to prevent any water from running down the side skin, onto the bottom skin, and into the fuselage. This is really belts and suspenders, though since there will be a rubber seal all along the top of wing fairing.