Sun Oct 16 2011

Baggage floor toolbox finished

Today I started by priming these few parts for the baggage floor toolbox.

While my painting rack was setup, I started to prime and paint the mounting plate for the fuel selector and the elevator trim knob.

...but then my neighbor started mowing his lawn right next door. That pretty much put the kabosh on painting. Can't blame him...rain was coming and he was trying to get it done before the rain.

So I headed down the basement to do the rest of the assembly on the baggage floor toolbox. Some of these rivets were squeezed, some were back riveted, and some I did with the gun and bucking bar solo. It came out great! Here it is open.

...and closed.

Here's the part under the floor. Schweet! After finishing the toolbox, I took some time to clean the shop. It was really bad and driving me crazy having to push stuff out of the way just to get a small clear spot on the workbench.