Tue Oct 25 2011

Zip tie mounts

So, I decided that instead of using screw down or rivet down bases that I would use stick down bases for routing tubes and wires. I had bought these zip tie mounts a while back from McMaster Carr, but was unsure of using them since the double sided tape isn't the best in the long term. What I decided to do is just remove the adhesive backing altogether and use some better adhesive. Here they are soaking in a jar of MEK to dissolve the adhesive. Apparently an adhesive called E6000 is the right stuff to use. It sticks to nearly anything (not for use on styrofoam) and stays flexible. I found my tube at the local craft store, Joann, etc.

Some time later, the tape just floated off and I fished them out of the MEK with some forceps.