Fri Nov 4 2011

Tiedown ring storage mount

Well, my friend Bill and I were going to go over to Perkins Observatory this evening to do some amateur astronomy, but it turns out we needed passes to get in since they were having some type of presentation. Plan B was to work on the plane, so we headed back to the shop and got to work. Bill marked out locations for rivet holes on the tiedown storage mount and drilled the holes. We chamfered one corner to avoid interference with the bend radius of the baggage area side cover and match drilled the side cover.

To match drill the large holes, I found a bushing that we could modify in order to drill on center. That worked well, but when I opened up the holes with the unibit, the position drifted somewhat causing the holes in the cover not to be quite concentric with the tapped holes in the bracket. There's no functional's just not quite as nice as I would prefer. Thanks for the help and company, Bill!