Sun Nov 6 2011

Smoke oil line

I helped a friend do a couple of household projects yesterday so no progress on the plane. Today after doing some work on my car, I got back to working on the smoke oil line. First task was to drill out two rivets on the firewall in order to allow fabrication and installation of a doubler.

This doubler is a mirror image of the one on the right side of the fuselage (left side of this image) except that it's shorter since there's only one fitting at this location.

With a bulkhead elbow temporarily installed, I could see that this tube needs to be 7/8 inch longer than it is. If you recall, I actually made the straight section 1 1/8 inch long instead of 2 1/8 inch long per my plan. Well the revised version will have this straight section being exactly 2 inch long.

After removing the two snap bushings in the forward half of the carrythrough bulkhead and marking the centerline of those holes, I marked the location where the smoke oil line will pass through.

I drilled the forward half of the bulkhead up to 1/4 inch, then used a 12 inch long 1/4 inch bit to transfer drill the aft half of the carrythrough bulkhead. Both holes were then opened up with the unibit. The forward hole was drilled up to 9/16 inch diameter for the bulkhead elbow while the back was drilled up to 1/2 inch for a snap bushing. I had Kerin provide vertical guidance while drilling, so hopefully the holes line up well.

For whatever reason my plan for the forward smoke oil line was off somewhat requiring a bend rather close to the sleeve at the aft end of the line. So, I made up some bending blocks similar to what I've done before for some of the other lines.

...the bending blocks worked out well. The tube got a little flattened during the bend, but I squeezed it back closer to a round cross section in the vise.

A little while later, I had the second attempt at this line completed.

The forward end fits great! I'm going to have to get another one of these stainless AN bulkhead elbows since I only bought one. I would order several, except they're really expensive...I think this one was almost $30. Ouch!

The aft end of this line fits great as well. Awesome! Only two tries to get 'er done!

On the aft face of the forward half of the carrythrough bulkhead, I'm going to need one of these spacer washers. The distance is slightly too close to the spar bar, though, so I'll have to grind away some of the spar bar to make the washer fit.

Hah! Just kidding! The washer just needed a little flat on one side. This guy is ready for priming.