Tue Nov 8 2011

Smoke oil line

After flaring both ends of this portion of the smoke oil line and screwing it to the bulkhead elbow in the spar (just finger tight) to check the position where the spanwise segment will need to pass through the seat ribs, I could see that the seat ribs weren't straight. In order to take out the warpage, I found a scrap piece of aluminum and match drilled it to a section of the floor panel, then clecoed it in place.

I noticed that the position where the elevator pushrod attaches to the control column appears to be nearly the same height as where the spanwise portion of the smoke oil line wants to pass through. That will not do. Maybe I'll install the elevator pushrod to verify there won't be an interference issue.

With the pushrod inserted from aft of the 705 bulkhead, the forward bearing hits the carrythrough spar...

...but the aft bearing doesn't clear the F-706 bulkhead. Looks like I'm going to need to take these bearings back off.

I also see that I need to sew up and install the elevator pushrod boot. Hrm...I wonder who has a sewing machine around here I can use.