Tue Nov 15 2011

Smoke oil line

After straightening some tubing and cutting out my bending block, I made the fist bend. Looks good.

Turning the tube end to point up made it easy to flare. I then measured how much offset was needed between these two segments of line and bent up a replacement for the line running through the spar. AC 43.13-1B says you're supposed to have 90 degrees of bend between fittings, but I only have about 75 degrees. I'll do a good job of ensuring there isn't any stress on the lines, so I'm pretty sure it'll be OK.

After marking where the line passed through the forward bulkhead, deducting the length of the AN bulkhead fitting, and cutting it to length, it was time to flare the forward end. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull the tube forward enough to get the flaring tool on the tube. Looks like I'm going to need to shorten the bent leg on the spanwise tube and remake this tube with a longer straight section aft of the spar. That will (hopefully) let me push the tube forward enough to get the flaring tool on the end.

It worked (barely). With the bent leg cut shorter, it was a real bear to flare. Instead of being able to rotate the leg so it pointed up and install the flaring tool on the tube above the level of the ribs, the bent leg was now short enough that the flaring tool needed to fit between the ribs. It did, but took a lot of fiddling. The forward end of the tube going through the spar wasn't much better. There's a major cluster-**** of tubing in that area which makes it hard to do any work.

Last task for the night was to do the bend on the outside of the fuselage. It's going to be "interesting" getting this tube matched up to the one which will feed from the smoke oil tank in the wing.