Sun Dec 4 2011

Elevator pushrod

Before working on the forward end of the elevator pushrod, I decided to rivet in this block which will serve as a storage location for my three tiedown rings. We're looking at the underside of the left interior baggage sidewall.

After quite a bit of fussing, I got the forward end of the elevator pushrod assembled to to the bearing and the bearing to the control column. I couldn't get a combination of washers exactly the right width, so there was a small gap between the ears before torqueing the bolt. Maybe I'll order some washer shims from McMaster to handle this kind of thing in the future.

After getting the pushrod boot installed, it became apparent that I was going to have to take all this back apart again. Turns out the pushrod comes very close to the bottom of the hole...just the slightest pressure causes it to rub. I have seen other builders have this issue as well and the solution isn't hard, but it requires me to disassemble and remove the pushrod that I just installed. Grrr.