Sat May 14 2016

Crating airplane parts for move from OH to CA!

My, oh my...quite a bit of time has passed. The reason for the delay in the RV project is that I've been working in CA, yet the project has been in OH. Well, we've decided that being a two-state household is not much fun, so we're selling the house and moving to CA!

On this trip home, I sketched crates for all the airplane parts, borrowed our neighbors' truck (thanks Ken and Nancy!), and made a run to the home improvement stores to buy crate materials.

Here's the bottom half of a two-layer crate for the elevators. This crate ended up having a lot of empty space due to the elevator horns.

...partially filled with packing peanuts...

...then the top half of the crate was installed.

On this layer, I did a better job of filling the space with a variety of miscellaneous parts.

...filled to the brim with packing peanuts...

...then closed the crate up. All of the small components got a similar treatment.

The prop went in a special crate which used a pair of plywood dividers to clamp on the blade hubs. Snickers and Jenny are ensuring quality control procedures are followed.

Unfortunately, Snickers and Jenny must have been on break when this crate was built. The horizontal stabilizer doesn't fit!

Not to worry...I just broke out the CS-9000 (Crate Stretcher, model 9000) and a few minutes later I had that puppy stretched out. The CS-6000 was a little cheaper, but didn't have the auto-resizing feature, so I'm pretty happy I went with the -9000 model.

Fits now!