Wed Jun 29 2016

More airplane crating

My folks and my aunt and uncle came into town to help prepare the house for the move. With their help, we painted the entire inside of the house, including the ceilings of a couple rooms; removed, repaired, and reinstalled the sliding glass door, stained all of the baseboards and quarter round, and did quite a number of other tasks. Here's Paul checking out the sketch for the fuselage crate.

The main portion of the crate was a pair of 1/2" plywood sheets with cross supports at the main spar and upper and lower engine mount locations.

After a day's work, we had the crate mostly built.

The canopy and engine mount got their own crate.

...engine mount bolted to the lower panel, with canopy above.

Here's the canopy crate shortly before installing the top. The pneumatic staple gun made short work of assembling these crates.