Sun Jul 10 2016

The airplane settles into it's new home

We made it! 2300 miles and four looonnnnggg days of driving and we're here in CA. Many thanks to all who helped at both ends of the trip including my lovely wife, Kerin, my parents Dave and Nancy, my aunt Ellen and uncle Paul, many OH friends including Greg, Rob, Jim, Sharla, Brent, Jason and Scott as well as many CA friends including my folks (again), my brother and his wife (Chris and Karen), Clayton, Dave, Ralph, Tom, and Sarah.

The new house is a disaster, but everything is in! Now to try to get organized...

Here is one of the wings with it's crate partially disassembled. You can see the canvas fabric which formed a sling within the crate. The other wing is in the garage in the travelling position, wing slung leading edge down.