Sun Nov 27 2016

Finally back to work

After many months of building and organizing, the garage shop is now in good enough condition to get back to work on the airplane.

It's been nearly five years since I worked on this last, so I find that I'm a bit uncertain where to pick up. I decided to reinstall the floors so that I could check the position of the seat backs and drill the hinges to the floor panels. In order to do that, I decided to reinstall the roll bar so that I could gauge the position of the seat backs relative to it.

As part of installing the roll bar, I needed to install the support brace. In the process, I realized I had never finished the cover and lighting for this support brace., I installed some nutplates on the retainer strips. I remember now that I was never able to finish the joggle strip necessary for mouting the LED strip. I'd like to fabricate that, but it is somewhat too long for my 1' brake. Fortunately, I have acquired a 2' brake in my time here in CA. Unfortunately, it needs some refurbishment. Perhaps I'll tackle that next.