Sun Dec 11 2016

Working on seat floors

In preparation for positioning and drilling the seat backs to the floors (three hinge positions), I started putting the panels back in place.

I can see that the bottom edges of the forward panels need a bit of relief filed in so that they don't rub the top of the main gear weldments.

Where the aft floor panels fit around the vertical members of the F-705 bulkhead, there is a bit of interference. If you look at the floor panel's reflection in the vertical mamber, you can see that the panel is flexed somewhat around the cleco. The other side has the same issue.

Actually, it turns out that I had never deburred these aft floor panels, so I peeled the blue plastic off the left one, deburred everything (which required about a half hour of searching for the charger for my cordless screwdriver...used with deburring bit), and clecoed it into place.

Having observed the interference on the right panel, I filed some clearance along the long edge of the notch on the left one. That came out great; however, I found that the short edge of the notch also needed a bit of relief.

No worries...a few minutes with the file and it looked much better.