Tue Jan 3 2017

Fabricating lower flap actuator channel bracket

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I decided to ensure the new bracket was centered on the flap actuator channel. After drawing the appropriate centerlines, I used a magnet to hold the bracket-in-progress in position.

However, after gingerly removing the flap actuator channel (and side covers), I noticed that it appeared the flanges of the side covers were not square. Thus, they didn't match up with the flange of my soon-to-be replacement bracket.

Checking with the square verified the problem.

The .016 thick material of these side covers is really easy to bend. A few minutes later had the flanges squared up.

Then, with the bracket positined and clamped in place it was time to match drill the rivet holes through the flap actuator channel. Only one problem...I couldn't find the key to my dang drill.

After 10 minutes or so, I threatened to order a replacement. That's often the quickest way to find something that's missing...order a replacement and the thing you're looking for will turn up a few minutes after confirming the order.

In this case, the shop gods were not fooled and I had to continue digging through drawers. I found two other chuck keys in short order, but the one for my Sioux drill was nowhere to be found.

After about a half hour of digging, I found the chuck key and my assortment of commonly used drill bits.

A few minutes later and all six holes were drilled. Two hours of work, six holes drilled. Welcome to airplane building. Sigh.