Wed Apr 29 2020

Center arm rest lid

I've debated about how to handle construction of this lid for quite a while. It needs to have nice rounded edges so that it is comfortable, but also needs to be strong...preferably bolstering the strength of the center arm rest itself.

I expect this will be a common point for me and passengers to use to pry themselves to a standing position when disembarking the aircraft, so the lid and the center arm rest itself need to be able to handle the Bubba factor.

Ultimately, I decided to go with a recommendation my friend, Jim made...form it out of a carbon fiber layup. Sooooo, I started putting together a form. It's made of particle board with some contact paper on the mold surfaces. Hopefully the contact paper along with a liberal coating of mold release will let me separate the part from the mold.

I replicated the top edge of the center arm rest so that I can form the flanges of the lid with the right offset for the material thickness of the center arm rest.