Wed May 1 2020

Center arm rest lid

After the silicone cured overnight, to remove the excess silicone outside of the corner fillet, I needed to do a bit of scraping. The silicone didn't stick well to the contact paper, but it did stick a little bit, so a razor blade eased its removal. In order to get down in the cavity, I made a little handle from a scrap of oak.

For the recessed corner, the razor blade needed a bit of modification.

It's hard to see because the silicone I used is clear, but a nice even bead was left in the corners.

Getting ready to glue the aluminum pieces in the form, I retrieved our super glue from the freezer. If you don't keep your super glue in the freezer, you might consider doing so. This little bottle is probably 15 years old and is still good.

I used a little aluminum spacer to hold the bottom edge of the aluminum 9/16 off the base of the form. This will result in a lid that is 9/16 high. A drop of superglue behind the aluminum and a spring clamp was all that was needed to secure the aluminum strips.

Here is the mold almost ready for composite layup.

Here's a close-up view of the silicone fillet relative to the bend radius of the aluminum. the silicone fillet isn't a perfect match for the bend as I had intended it to be.'s not the fault of the little tool I made. That is an almost perfect match to the bend radius. I'm guessing that the sticky / gooey-ness of the silicone acted in such a way to drag silicone out of the corner as I was moving the tool along. Oh, well...I'll figure out what to do about this later. I do want the radii to match, but I can easily add a bit more carbon fiber on the inside and sand the outside radius to the right dimension.