Thu May 07 2020

Center arm rest

After sanding down the side patches I bonded on yesterday, I tapered the top portions of the lid near the splice...

...and applied a patch.

While that was curing, I went back to working on the reinforcement around the top edge of the compartment. Yesterday I had cut out this strip. However, I realized it was not long enough for both sides and the front. So I broke out a longer piece of stock.

Here, I'm using the trim router and a guide edge to clean up the edge of the sheet.

After moving the guide back, I also used the trim router to cut off a piece of material 1 1/8" wide.

I bent it to nest inside the other two pieces. The fit here isn't quite as good as the last part...

...but that's OK, because this piece of material will actually be set back by another .040 spacer as shown here. This is because the composite layup is twice as thick at the front and back.

In preparation for using my new seaming tool, I added bend reliefs in the corners.

I also tapered the edges of this part which will be seamed outward. Again, this will make more sense once I can show how all the layers stack up.