Sat May 09 2020

Center arm rest

Yesterday's layup was cured, so first task for today was to sand the surfaces down to match.

Unfortunately, I found that the layup hadn't bonded to the sides.

So, I had to cut off the offending layers and sand them smooth.

Some of the sanded areas went nearly through the part altogether.

I made another layup over these areas seven layers thick. During which, I learned why the last layup had a void. The bend around the corner is just too tight for the sticky-ness of the epoxy to hold everything together. So, this time I used tape to draw it all tight. It wasn't perfect...I hope I don't end up with another void.

While that was curing, I used the new seaming tool to bend the flange of the inner stiffening doubler. I used this angle gauge to make the angle of the seamed edge as consistent as possible.

Here is how the layers will stack up. The seamed edge covers the .040 stiffening doubler of the center arm rest compartment (simulated here by a piece of .025 scrap.