Sun May 24 2020

Vacuum supply

Having decided to scrap the arm rest lid and start over, I also decided to vacuum bag the layup. I ordered a vacuum pump and a bunch of other stuff. The vacuum pump rig will be closely modeled off Joe Woodworker's EVS design. The structure will be made from plywood. I have a nice piece of birch plywood from back when I was completing the bend on the elevators. However, in the intervening time it took on quite a bow.

Doing a bit of research yielded a suggestion that plywood could be un-warped by spraying the concave side with water...

...and laying it wet side down in the sun. After several iterations of this, it did, indeed, seem to straighten out.

I left it wet side down on the garage floor through the night.

Here's the vacuum pump I found on eBay. It's a Gast model 3032 rotary vane pump. This thing appears to be nearly new. The fittings didn't even have thread sealant on them.

Here are a bunch of fittings and parts acquired from Joe Woodworker's website, Veneer Supplies. I shopped around quite a bit and with the exception of the vacuum gauge, his prices are quite good.