Sun Jun 21 2020

Center arm rest lid

My brother, Chris, (RV-6A builder) happened to be priming some parts and had a bit of primer left over, so he was nice enough to prime these few pieces for me.

I prepped the mold by spraying the interior surfaces with mold release.

To get the mold ready for vacuum bagging, I wrapped most of the surfaces with plastic and taped everything up.

After mixing up the epoxy (I mixed *way* too much), I prepregged the four pieces of cloth. For this attempt, I'm doing glass, carbon, carbon, glass.

After wrestling with getting the fabric laid into the mold, I covered the composite with peel ply, then felt, then plastic. Unfortunately, I had too many leaks and couldn't get it to draw a vacuum.

In a panic, I decide to just put the whole thing in a garbage bag. That worked well enough to pull some vacuum, although some holes formed.

I taped up the holes as best as I could, but it still wasn't holding vacuum very well. The vacuum pump ran almost continuously, cycling off only once in a while.

So, I double bagged it. A couple more holes opened up, but it was good enough that the vacuum pump would only cycle for about 15 minutes every 25 minutes or so. With that, I wrapped up for the day. I don't have high hopes for how this is going to turn out, but I'll see in the morning. If this doesn't work, I'm going to switch to doing the layup over a male mold instead.