Wed Jun 24 2020

Center arm rest lid

Overnight, I realized that the part I bent yesterday needed a flange longer than 1/2 inch. So, I cut and bent another one.

But, when I matched it up to the angle, it was really obvious the angle wasn't right.

It turns out that instead of bending to 90 - 28.2 degrees, It just needed to be bent to 28.2 degrees. Here's the third version. Sigh.

Here is how the bracket and angled part will mount. Note that I eliminated the .025 thickness angled part...the angle made that part redundant.

With the new parts drilled and temporarily mounted to the flap actuator tunnel, I was able to measure how long the cover needs to be.

So, the male mold needs to be 11.115 long and 2.298 wide.

I found an old piece of oak baseboard in my pile of wood. I think this may have come from back when my aunt and uncle had a house built in the Concord, OH area something like 35 years ago.

A few passes through the planer had the surfaces cleaned up.

I cut into a bunch of 12" long sections and glued them up. To keep the layers from sliding around, I used this little corner jig made of some plywood. It was left over from when I made a box to hold the gears for my little lathe.

The garage was getting pretty hot by this time, so I left the glueup to dry overnight. Note how I flipped every other board over. The original board had a bit of bow to it, and I thought that alternating these would flatten the bow out.