Thu Jun 25 2020

Center arm rest lid

The glueup of oak boards from which I'll be making the mold was dry by this morning. To get it squared up, I broke out this jointer. It was my dad's, and he gave me a good deal on it when he upgraded to a larger jointer.

Unfortunately, jointing one side flat and an adjacent side square wasn't going well. I'm not experienced with using a jointer, so it's likely an operator problem, but I did find that the knives were worn near the edges.

Here, you can see light between the edge of the blade and a flat surface out at the edges. I figure I should get this sorted out before trying again.

I did some searching for a nearby shop that does tool sharpening, but didn't find anything that looked promising. So, I googled around for replacement knives. I did find a source, but they wanted ~$25 for each knife...way too steep for my tastes. I decided to sharpen them myself, so I started building a jig that will hold the blade at the correct angle (47.5 degrees). Tomorrow, I'll apply some polyurethane to keep the wood from getting saturated with oil during sharpening. If all goes well, I'll have the knives sharpened by Saturday.